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No matter what type of business you own, let your customers carry the purchased items in visually stunning paper bags. These boxes with various features are the perfect solution for particular products. Further, these bags make shopping more convenient and enjoyable for the customers and let them easily store and take the products.

Additionally, the aesthetically appealing printed bags enhance customers’ experience, which is the perfect solution to improve their loyalty to the brand, increase brand awareness, and tell the brand story with printed details.

What are the Best Features of Personalized Paper Bags?

Custom paper bags come with plenty of features that improve the customers’ experience of carrying the items aesthetically. In this advanced era, businesses that understand the user experience rapidly achieve their goals, but the rest fail to achieve business goals. Our paper packaging bags are premium options that are printed carefully to fulfill business demands.

Here are some essential features you must know before grabbing the shopping bags.

  • Perfect for carrying heavy weight
  • Biodegradable solution
  • Reusable bags unless tear-off
  • Compostable in 90 days
  • Easily recyclable
  • Sustainable & and readily renewable

Furthermore, these bags are durable enough to carry low to heavy-weight products. Hence, you can ask to enhance the protection level of the bag depending on your requirements. And these cardboard packaging bags are reusable unless broken down into pieces or torn off. At the same time, the paper material is recyclable, which makes these bags affordable and renewable.

Why are Innovative Shopping Bags Vital?

Innovation is the creativity that grabs customers’ attention and builds their interests. On the other hand, regular bags fail to develop customers’ interests and customer experience. It makes customers feel awkward to carry such bags in hand. Hence, once they have experienced such shopping, they never return for the next time.

And why so? In this modern age, everyone wants to showcase what they have bought to showcase their standard. And this is what custom printed paper bags tell customers: whatever is inside it must be branded. In addition, a brand must enhance customers’ experience, increase loyalty, and set them as brand assistants.

But the question is how to create the boxes that speak volumes. At Ideal Custom Boxes, we strive to provide high-end solutions to build your worth among customers. Here are some of our premium options that create an appealing look.

  • Lamination with special finish (matte, gloss)
  • Spot UV treatment or an aqueous coating
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foiling Specific Elements
  • Custom die-cuts
  • Handle with distinct styles
  • Inserts that provide protection

What are the Various Types of Packaging Bags We Assist You With?

We have numerous collections with a variety of styles and printing options to create innovative, premium, and distinct custom-printed paper bags with logos for carrying products you can choose from. No matter what type of business you do, these bags are creative to serve customers creatively. These bags are created from recyclable paper that is durable, creative, easy to carry, innovative, and best for wrapping foods, gifts, clothes, and retail items. Here are some of our top picks of paper bag collections.

  • Fashion Bags
  • Paper food bags
  • Custom Printed Bags
  • Custom Printed Paper Bag
  • Paper Bag With Handles
  • Kraft Paper Bag
  • Retail Paper Bag
  • Custom Paper Gift Bags
  • Paper food Trays 

Further, a fashion bag with printed brand details can be a perfect branding assistant to tell the story behind the scenes. However, which one you should choose, you can get our experts’ help by telling them your packaging requirements. These bags are perfect for gift packaging, but you must customize the bag visually accordingly. With a creative handle, these paper bags in bulk are stunning to carry in hand impressively.

Designing the Shopping Bags to Enhance Customers’ Experience

Customers’ experience is worth it for being loyal to a brand. Customer satisfaction is what insists them to return for the next purchase. And what improves customers’ satisfaction? It is about the quality of products and the way of presenting them. If your product is worthy, but visual display and presentation to customers are not good, you will lose them and your brand credibility.

So, it is necessary to use customized paper bags to maintain brand worth and consumer loyalty. And how do you do customization? It depends on the products and branding requirements. Let’s explore in depth to know how we do so:

Which is the Best Material Option to Go With?

Our library of content choices is endless. Each material differs in special properties. You can use content depending on the level of protection, creativity, and other premium options for outstanding solutions. But keep in mind your product’s weight, size, and functional requirements. And before choosing the material, explore them in depth and choose the best options. Let’s find out the best:


Cardstock is a bit thinner than cardboard and paperboard, which makes it more flexible for custom bags. However, it is best renowned for a smooth, durable, and heavier paper featuring metallic, glossy, or textured surfaces. All these features make it perfect for creating branded paper bags than other paper variations.


Cardboard is a thicker and heavyweight paper. It is made of cellulose that is obtained from special plants and trees and becomes very costly. Multiple plies of cardboard paper joined to create paperboard or corrugated fiberboard to create useful boxes for particular products.

Kraft Paper

The word Kraft means strength. It is much stronger than the normal paper because of its manufacturing process. Using the Kraft process, it is made from approximately 80% of wood pulp sulfate. However, the prices vary depending on the process. The brown paper doesn’t require any chemicals while manufacturing, which makes it affordable, but the white paper is more expensive.

Offset Paper

Soft plants and trees, such as pine, spruce, and maple, are the main sources of offset paper and have a rougher finish. It is best suited for sheet-fed and web-fed printing. However, the paper from the hardwood undergoes chemical processing to reduce the lignin and make it useful for lithography.

Printing More Vibrant Colors with Modern Technique

Visually attractive boxes build first impressions. While making a custom printed packaging fancy, choosing suitable color combinations is a must. What colors you want to print to enhance visual perception is up to you. We assist you with modern, fancy, and perfect color solutions since we use color models to generate accurate colors to meet the perfections.

  • CMYK
  • PMS

These models let you generate colors with a given opacity with several combinations. However, color generation is endless until you meet your requirements perfectly. When you are done with your color selection, it is more important to consider the printing method. Here are some of the essential methods:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Flexography Printing

You must choose the colors and printing methods that best fit your needs. If you need help, our experts are available to help you at their best for flawless printing and designing.

How to Create a Special Look with Our Significant Add-on Features?

Add-ons are the premium options to enhance the custom retail packaging’ look visually. Whether it is about custom boxes or shopping bags, add-ons make the packaging look distinct, enhancing brand recognition and customer appreciation. But how to use these features? We are here to provide packaging solutions that play a primary role in your brand’s success. Here are such options:

  • Embossing & debossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Spot UV
  • PVC and Window-Cut

Which is the Best Coating to Use for Innovating Paper Wholesale Bags?

When you go for custom packaging, you have a free hand to ask paper bag manufacturers to accurately align each element to innovate the visual perceptions. From paper selection to applying coating, each and everything is used accurately to meet the requirements. So, which type of coating you should use depends on your needs. And before making a selection, you must know the difference. Let’s explore them in depth to choose the best option:

Gloss Coating

A gloss finish is best renowned for its shiny appearance. It comes with an ultra-smooth surface to reflect the lights or sheen. However, it features color enrichment that helps enhance the color vibrancy. Therefore, the gloss finish is more popular for creating custom printed paper bags wholesale than the matte and attracts the audience more effectively.

Matte Coating

Matte finish comes in a duller or more subtle, and a little gloss finish. A softer and smoother texture improves the overall look of your packaging bags. At the same time, the scuff and fingerprints will show over time because it is not reflective like gloss. It works great and sheen on an accent paint color.

frequently asked questions

Our standard estimated time of arrival is 8-10 business days which includes 6-8 business days for production purposes and 1-2 business days for shipping purposes.

Yes, we can expedite your order and get the boxes to you in 6-8 business days with a small fee.

Yes, We have thousands of running customers in Canada, Australia, UK and USA. Our services are available all around the world without any shipping charges.

We will provide you with a 3D digital illustration of the boxes so that you have a better idea of how your boxes will look once they are produced. Also, we offer free physical sample of your own boxes on bulk orders so that you can check if everything is as per your requirements.

You can place an order with us with these 4 easy steps:

1- Fill out the “Get A Quote” Form.
2- Upload your artwork or email it to us.
3- Provide approval on the digital proof.
4- Once the payment is made we will send your boxes to production.

You can easily track your order by call us at (+1 940 257 2957) or you can contact the sales representative who is assisting you on your project.

There are several types of paper to choose from. But choosing the paper type and printing materials depends on the types of products you want to store. However, our top picks are cardboard, cardstock, Kraft paper, and offset paper. Further, you can use premium finishing and coating to make the bag more appealing and fancy. 
Yes. Custom packaging is meant to be the solution to your perfection. So, when choosing the materials, you can ask the manufacturers to use eco-friendly paper, inks for printing, and vice versa. 
Yes. You can use such bags unless they are torn off. You can use them multiple times for various purposes, such as carrying groceries, retail, or other items. 
Such bags come in the required thickness, sizes, designs, and strength. These bags are designed to carry heavy items. It's essential to choose the right type for your needs.
Yes! Such bags made of paper are customizable. You can ask for your brand logo, design, brand information, and whatever you want to display. However, it can be a good choice for businesses looking to promote their products.
Yes! These boxes are worth it for businesses to assist customers with fancy packaging solutions and increase brand awareness.  These bags come in various styles, such as flat, gusset, grocery, and more. The choice depends on the intended use and preferences.
Yes! The handle is necessary to make it easier to carry the bag. Some paper-printed bags have handles, while others do not. Handles can be made of paper, twisted paper, or cord. 
Yes! These bags provide safe storage for food packaging, both internal and external. The paper material used for creating these bags is food-grade, which doesn't release toxic chemicals. 
Search online for custom paper bag makers. You can find the list by visiting their website to better know about their locations. Choose whatever is easy to approach or visit. 
Yes! You can buy printed bags online. Many custom bag suppliers offer custom printing services for paper packaging bags, allowing you to choose the size, color, and design of your choice.
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