What is Spot UV Printing: A Complete Guide

Want to build your brand worth? With the better quality, an eye-catching visual display is also worth it. But how to innovate the boxes visually to create a first impression? Custom boxes wholesale with perfect sizes, shapes, and styles must include brand information and other essential product details. However, spotting UV helps you maintain the print and enhance the visual perception. Don’t know what’s the spot UV printing? Let’s explore it in depth:

What is Spot UV?

Spot UV is a printing technique to enhance the color aesthetics of a specific box area. However, it is a popular choice to enhance the vibrancy. It adds a raised effect and a glossy look to the printed area. Spot UV printing is a special printing technique that adds a glossy and raised effect to specific areas of a printed piece. 

It involves applying a clear and shiny coating to certain parts of the design, creating a contrast between the glossy and matte finishes. Spot UV printing often enhances logos, text, or images, making them stand out and catch the viewer’s attention. 

This technique is commonly used in business cards, brochures, and packaging design, adding a high-end and luxurious look to the final product.

What is Spot UV Best Used for?

Spot UV printing provides you endless benefits to increase the overall quality and visual perceptions. It is best to use for creating a glossy look to the specific area of the boxes. You must use it when creating packaging boxes that are high-end and luxurious to display the products as innovative. 

In addition, you may want to make several things more glossy and noticeable on the boxes to make the customers interact with them first. You may want to display some important elements as bold and glossy to capture attention.

  • Logos
  • Slogans
  • Artwork designs
  • Images

What are the Benefits of Using Spot UV Printing?

There are countless benefits to using spot UV printing to create custom packaging. It helps you create a luxurious, more innovative look to gain attention. However, it makes the appearance more premium and enhances visual perceptions. Let’s discuss some of the important benefits. 

  • Enhance visual perception 
  • Quick and innovative presentation 
  • Environment-friendly solution 
  • Protective outer layer 
  • Enhance color vibrancy 

Spot UV on Different Special Options

There are various options to enhance the packaging outlook. However, the best of such options are matte lamination, finish, and soft-touch matte. However, applying Spot UV to the packaging boxes has a layer of special finishing options. Let’s explore these options in more detail. 

Matte Lamination 

Printing spot UV on the matte laminated surface of packaging helps in creating a striking effect to enhance visual perception. It is great to highlight the darker appearance with a clear and glossy. Apple uses such techniques to build interactive designs. However, if you want to enhance the visual outlook of logos, textures, and slogans, put spot UV on a laminated surface. 

Matte Varnish 

Matte varnish helps to create a non-glossy surface to a smooth one. It is a popular choice for luxury packaging. However, adding spot UV on the matte varnish adds value to visibility. It lets you create a unique and minimalist image of the brand. Further, it helps you create a branded visual outlook and protects the printed elements on the boxes. 

Soft-touch Matte Finish

Want to enhance the tactile feel of the custom printed packaging boxes? A soft-touch matte finish is the ideal option to choose. However, it is another way to get a more prevalent brand image. If you want to add a silk spot UV to the packaging, combine soft-touch matte with the spot UV. 

What to Consider When Spot UV Printing?

Although spot UV printing is helpful for a creative, unique, and generous outlook, there are also some limitations to consider before starting a print. It is necessary to analyze particular factors important to enhance the visual display. Let’s explore what they are:  

Material Used for Printing 

Packaging material plays a vital role in personalizing and designing. When printing a spot UV, you must consider first what type of paper material you are using for wrapping the product. Check whether the paper type is suitable for UV printing. 

Uncoated paper types are not suitable for doing so. So, if you think you should enhance the glossy appearance into a more prevalent one, choose the paper type accordingly. 

Design You Want to Print Spot UV

The second most important thing is the design where you want to print Spot UV. Highlight the specific area on the boxes that you think is more important and beneficial. You can UV print there. 

Expected Output on Doing Spot UV Print 

First, think of the final output. When you have an expected design, you can achieve the goals easily. For example, a matte finish creates a subtle or darker finish, while a glossy one enhances the outlook into a premium one. Consider your goals for doing spot UV print. It makes it easier to achieve the desired goals. 

Budget-Friendly Option 

Budget is the most important thing to consider when choosing the materials and adding spot UV print. It is a premium option and can add more cost to the budget. Make your budget first whether you can afford such premium options. It is necessary to consider the potential return on the investment and whether it benefits you. 

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