Difference Between Matte vs Gloss Finish? A Complete Guide

Want to enhance your packaging to look stunning? Use special finishings to give a sheen look to your packaging. There are two types of finishes to use. These are both compatible to use with varnish and laminations. Do you know the difference between matte vs gloss finish? However, if you don’t know the difference, how can you choose the suitable option? Let’s discuss such finishes in depth to get the best option to fulfill your needs:

What is Matte Finish?

A matte finish is ideal for creating innovative and luxurious visual displays. Unlike gloss finish, it doesn’t reflect much light but a bit. It helps you create a softer surface. However, the finishes can be smooth and glossy. No need to fear glare or fingerprints since it doesn’t have a glossy finish.

In addition, matte paper is covered with a thin layer of inkjet receiving coating. Each drop coming from the print is used properly. It leads to making the packaging visually professional and exceptional. However, a less glossy finish is perfect for printing RGB and CMYK colors. There are various pros and cons when printing matte paper, such as given below:

Key Features:

  • Matte paper is ideal for both laser and inkjet printing
  • Create your boxes look sleek and shiny
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Dry faster
  • Minimum risks for smudge and accidental scratches
  • Quality remains original and shiny
  • Matte surface is easy to write with a pen or pencil
  • Inexpensive finish, suitable for small businesses


  • Lack of thicker coating leads to crease and bend of the matte paper
  • The use of traditional matte paper can’t last for longer

What is Gloss Finish

A glossy finish is a thicker coating. Due to its shiny finish, it is not good to write on the surface. It is the most glossy surface among matte vs gloss finish. A glossy surface reflects the lights too much.

However, it is not resistant to glare and fingerprints. It provides an extra layer of sheen to make the packaging outlook exceptional. When light reflects off from the surface, the fingerprints appear on the surface.

Key Features:

  • Ultra smooth and glossy outlook
  • The brand logo and product picture appear as branded
  • An innovative and shiny look attracts the attention
  • Add a Professional finishing touch to the final packaging


  • It makes the description hard to read under lights
  • Chances to create glare of fingerprint on the surface
  • The glossy finish makes it hard to write on it

What is the Key Difference Between Matte vs Gloss Finish?

Many brands ask what the difference is between matte and gloss finish. However, these finishes are different and ideal for different purposes. The difference between both you can see on the printed papers. A glossy finish features a smooth and sheened appearance, which causes high-light reflection. However, it is vibrant and very color-rich. These types of finishing options are mostly used for E-commerce packaging.

Matte paper provides a dull or subtle finish, making it low-light reflective. It makes such a finish ideal to write on and easy to read under lights. At the same time, the images on the gloss surface attract consumers’ attention more.

What Should You Apply Finishes to the Boxes?

Want to innovate your product display? Custom boxes are a must to keep the product safe. But when it comes to presenting such items creatively, special finishing helps you add a wow factor to the products. But which type of finish should you choose? It depends on your needs.

A matte finish is perfect to apply the paper where you want to write something to display. But a glossy finish is ideal for adding a sheen look to the display. But we suggest you use finishes in the product packaging boxes by combining both matte and gloss finishes.

Final Thoughts!

The material selection is totally in your hands when it comes to custom packaging wholesale. What best suits matte vs gloss finish to your needs depends on key factors such as shine level, printing images, and visual presentation.

When you need a glossy surface with printing for an innovative display, you must use gloss and matte finish combinations. However, a glossy finish is perfect for covering the images or high-quality print to add a sheen.

In addition, matte is perfect for the pages where you need to write your brand information and product descriptions. Get online assistance from custom box manufacturers to choose the best option for your requirements.

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