Why are Cardboard Boxes So Expensive for Packaging in 2023?

Many brands ask why are cardboard boxes so expensive in 2023. The answer is simple to understand. Innovation is the need and necessary to present the product innovatively as it is the demand of customers. However, to maintain your brand’s worth among customers and stand out among the competitors, increase the demand for customized boxes. 

Cardboard boxes are a unique way to wrap and present products innovatively into desired shapes and designs. And with the rising demand in particular sectors, cardboard material is becoming expensive. 

Research says cardboard paper is 80% more costly than in the last few years. But why? Before getting to know the reasons, let’s first explore what the cardboard boxes are and why they are demanding. 

What are Cardboard Boxes and Why So Demanding?

Cardboard paper comes from the wood pulp’s cellulose, making it eco-friendly, biodegradable, and highly durable. It is well-known and widely used for product shipping purposes. However, it is thicker, more sustainable, and more durable than the rigid stock, making it more costly than ever.  

In addition, the cardboard paper comes in different forms and varieties. Natural brown cardboard is high quality and is increasingly in demand for wrapping heavier product packaging as they are highly durable to keep the products safe during shipping.  

Custom Cardboard boxes come in various styles depending on the particular needs, and all vary in thickness. Why are cardboard boxes so expensive in 2023? This is because of the versatile use of cardboard packaging in various eCommerce sectors. Here are some of the basic types. 

  • Folding Cartons
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Rigid Boxes

Are Cardboard Boxes So Expensive? What are the Reasons?

Many brands need help in getting customized boxes for their particular products. However, it is the basic need of businesses to retain the product’s safety and present them innovatively. However, the increasing cost of cardboard makes it difficult for the brands to wrap items in premium boxes. 

But why? Why are cardboard boxes so expensive? There are several reasons behind such a rising crisis in the cost. Here, we will discuss why the packaging cost is so high. Let’s explore:

Increasing the Demand for Innovations

In this modern age, every business struggles to stand out. And that is possible when customers are satisfied with the productivity and presentations of the products. Customization plays a vital role in creating modern and innovative packaging, which leads to the high cost of getting the desired boxes. 

In addition, over time, many brands are coming to the competition, increasing the demand for innovations to capture the maximum audience and bring higher sales. For that, you need to print eye-catching colors, apply special effects, and print branding elements. 

Increasing Cost of Materials Options 

Don’t dive into customization to create the boxes that speak volumes. But first, make sure what type of products you produce and what types of their requirements for packaging aspects. Materials selection is the first and foremost thing to start the customization for premium solutions for your products. 

However, first, analyze developments like size, shapes, designs, and other physical aspects. However, the selected materials must meet your specifications. Don’t use extraordinary materials for low-quality products. You must keep a balance to maintain your financial level. 

The extra work and premium quality materials make the cardboard boxes so expensive in 2023 as they are necessary to stand out or maintain worth. 

Extra Use of Premium Options Leads to High Cost

Many brands use special finishings, coatings, and add-ons to bring innovation without analyzing whether their products deserve such boxes. However, the packaging cost often exceeds the product’s original price, leading to a total loss. 

First, measure your product’s value, demand, and customer’s trust in them, then evolve your packaging accordingly. Be specific and limited to using the premium options for wrapping your products. 

Considering the Environmental Regulations 

Considering the environmental regulations is mandatory as it is the customers’ demand. So, to keep the environment pollution-free, it is necessary to choose materials that must be eco-friendly and biodegradable. However, natural brown cardboard paper is highly eco-friendly, costly, and toxic-free, making the product’s packaging demanding and expensive. 

How to Minimize the Cost of the Cardboard Boxes in 2023?

Want custom cardboard packaging boxes for packaging and shipping purposes? But you may think the cost of such packages is too high. Is that so? If yes, don’t worry. Here at Ideal Custom Boxes, we provide endless options for custom solutions at cheap rates since we know how to minimize costs. Let’s explore some of the significant methods to save the cost of getting customized packaging.  

Be Specific with Your Needs

And when it comes to grabbing custom packaging solutions, you must be limited to your needs. Don’t be over to print or customize the boxes. However, the wastage of material and extra work will not benefit your business. But the extra work increases the cost. 

Measure the products from different aspects like size, shape, and style, and cut the paper accordingly to place your items in the box tightly. And this way, you can save a lot of paper and printing materials. 

Materials Must Not Exceed the Product Cost

Choose the materials for customizing cardboard boxes, measuring the products from different aspects such as fragility, quality, luxury, and purposes. You can choose high-quality cardboard for luxury items and apply unique finishing options. But remember that your packaging cost must be at most of your budget. Choose the quality of paper that must retain safety and be sustainable, and the printing option must be limited. 

Use Unique and Simple Options

Custom box packaging is meant to be unique and innovative boxes that must represent your brand and speak the unseen story. So, the design of the package must be simple and unique. Excellent and straightforward things always win customers. 

Don’t use high-contrast colors. Use simple combinations of color according to the products and brand logo. And if your packaging boxes look unique and attractive, don’t use special finishing effects. However, such options are premium, provide a glossy look, and are costly.

Don’t do Extra Printing Work 

It is necessary to have detail-oriented boxes to make it easier for the customers to know what’s inside and whether it suits their needs. But make sure you are specific with your details and only print the necessary information about your items. And if your products are simple and you are using the boxes as shipping cartons, avoid using raised ink or embossing, which costs high. 

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