What is Foil Stamping? A Complete Guide

Foil stamping is the method to create custom packaging into an innovative and appealing product. However, four types of materials are used for stamping foil to the boxes: heat, foil films, pressure, and metal dies. It is widely used in creating boxes that reflect unique, branded, and appealing looks. Such markets are:

  • Cosmetics boxes
  • Stationery Boxes
  • Electronics Boxes
  • Clothing Boxes
  • Food Boxes
  • Gift Card

However, hot stamping is popular and increasingly demanding to cultivate the boxes to look luxurious and appealing. It is creative to enhance visual perceptions of the products. Like embossing and spot UV, stamping foil can be applied to all paper types. But, applying it on a smooth surface is more efficient than a lined one.

Here, we will discuss the applications, types, and processes to apply stamping foil to the boxes in detail. Stay ahead!

What are the Different Types of Foil Stamping?

At Ideal Custom Boxes, we assist you with various types of stamping to foil on the paper. Majorly stamping is divided into two categories. The first is traditional, and the second is hot foil stamping. Gold and silver colors are used for creating innovative effects.

Hot stamping to apply foil is further divided into four substrates. You can choose such finishing techniques depending on the type of finish. Let’s explore all these in detail to choose the suitable option for your needs:

Flat Stamping

Flat stamping foil is a simple and cost-effective process where a metal of magnesium or copper is used for transferring the foil onto the paper. However, in this way, a relatively raised design is created on the surface.

Vertical Stamping

Such type of foil stamping is used to apply foil design on flat or cylindrical-shaped substrates. It is ideal to foil where the printing area is not flat.

Sculpted Stamping

Sculpted stamping is used to foil to achieve a raised image on the paper surface. However, it is perfect to create a carved and clearly defined outlook.

Peripheral Stamping

Peripheral stamping foil is used to transfer foiled heat to the outer perimeter. However, it is used to achieve raised printing on the outer surface of the whole circumstance of the boxes.

How to do Foil Stamping?

Now, you are familiar with foil stamping. But how to stamp the foil to the paper is the matter. However, applying such a machine-based technique on different surfaces is easier but tricky.

You can get online assistance from custom box manufacturers to assist you with professional solutions. Here are some of the important steps to follow to stamp the foil:

  • Get the die that must be made of copper, magnesium, or brass
  • Ensure the maximum level of heat and pressure to deliver the desired results
  • Heat the foiling die at a high temperature
  • Stamp the die with high pressure to apply a layer of foil to the paper

However, the die used for applying stamping foil to the paper is costly. You can use it multiple times. But the initial investment is worth it.

What are Various Types of Foils Used for Stamping?

We have various types of foils for stamping to create unique and distinct visual displays. However, foiling helps create a great marketing campaign to enhance the brand image. Let’s discuss all these types briefly.

Metallic Foil

Metallic foil stamping lets you create an attractive patina visual display on the box’s surface. However, it helps create color across silver, blue, green, red, and gold.

Matte Pigment Foil

Matter pigment is a type of foil used to create an intense depth color to the packaging boxes. However, the printed appearance will be muted, unlike the raised one.

Gloss Pigment Foil

It is a combination of a glossy finish and a metallic finish. However, gloss pigment foil can be applied across various colors.

Holographic Foil

Holographic foil is used to transform the hologram images into the paper. However,  you can use such foil to create an eye-catching and modern visual perception.

Special Effects Foil

Special effects foil is a useful and modern technique to bring innovations. It is versatile to create various types of textures on paper.

What are the Various Benefits of Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is a creative way to enhance the visual appeal of the boxes. However, it is an environment-friendly technique since no ink is used for printing. There are several benefits to using it. A few are given below:

  • Instead of ink, heat and pressure are used to print the design
  • The color of the paper doesn’t impact the foil
  • Foil can used on the darker surface
  • Versatile to achieve a range of finishes
  • Have the potential to enhance the existing designs
  • Environment-friendly technique

Get online assistance from custom box suppliers for a higher perceived value. Professionals can optimize your packaging and add style to the boxes to set your brand apart. Working with specialists helps you bring innovations and add unique values for distinct and noticeable designs.

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