Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes





Kraft Boxes are considered to be the perfect packaging boxes as they are affordable as well as eco-friendly among other packaging boxes. Kraft packaging at Ideal Custom Boxes is made with 100% recyclable material so they are more popular among people who care about their environment. Naturally, they are brown but today gh-tech printing technology is available, with the help of which we print it in several different colors.

We believe in error-free and quality services so we provide you with excellent quality custom boxes with colorizing services.

Kraft Boxes as Promotional Purposes

Many business firms want such boxes that they can use for promotional purposes so instead of using expensive and stylish boxes, they prefer to use boxes because of their usual simplicity. If you think like them we will give you the best printing on your box according to the product inside your box. Contact us if you need any guidance on this our experts are always here for you.

Benefits of Kraft Boxes


One of the biggest advantages of these boxes is that they do not pollute the environment as they are made from 100% recyclable material. That’s why modern companies are using Kraft Boxes mostly. At Ideal Custom Boxes, we use the best kind of Kraft material that is eco-friendly as they are made from pine-based materials and can prevent environmental pollution. Must check “Cosmetic Boxes” contain unique designs and are friendly to use.


If you are looking for the cheapest and best boxes for your business then Custom Boxes are the best option for you. It is a good fit for brands that want to uplift their business but they do not have much money to spend on the product’s packaging.

Excellence Quality

We have excellent quality boxes. They can withstand many adverse climates like humidity, moisture, temperature, etc. They protect your product from any damage and breakage as they prevent it from moving inside the box.

Better Printing Capabilities

Kraft Boxes have better printing capabilities and support more printing as compared to other boxes. So they can be used as marketing tools for the publicity of your product and promotion of your brand as discussed above. You can do many types of printing on it including the brand logo, contact address, and other product information. This feature makes it preferable for customers.

Easily Customizable

You can increase your brand publicity thoroughly with our Custom Kraft Box. These boxes can be customized easily and increase awareness regarding your product and brand. Once customers are familiar with your brand this will make it easier for you to get your message across to your customers.

Extensive use of Kraft Boxes

These Custom Boxes are the perfect ones for packaging items, especially handmade items. They are also best for keeping your jewelry during transport as they keep them in place and protect your precious jewelry from getting fade.

Available in Different Types

Kraft Boxes are not just one type but have numerous classes across the world, for packaging purposes. Mostly we use them for packaging gifts, food, soap, and jewelry. Most people use it for personal needs because they are customized easily into any shape and design. We customize the boxes in a way that customers attract to them and appreciate our work.

Kraft Custom Boxes

These Custom Boxes are made from Kraft material and can be designed in any way according to the customer’s need. They can have any shape and structure that your customers like. You can design it on a computer in a way that impresses your customers. They can have a cavity or cavities that can hold different products in different ways. We have many designs of Custom Boxes e.g., a bag like the Custom Kraft Box that amazes your customers. Therefore, our Custom Boxes are very popular due to their design feature.

Kraft Packaging Boxes

If you have just started your business but the product is getting in the way of your growth. So there is nothing to worry about it as you can use these Boxes as Kraft Packaging boxes. These boxes are biodegradable and therefore do not able to make your room dirty. If you want to grow your business, you need to promote your brand’s publicity and make customers addicted to your products. For this, your product packaging should be attractive and eye-catching.

Improve your packaging and make your business interesting with our awesome Kraft Packaging Boxes.

Kraft Wholesale Boxes

Kraft Boxes at wholesale prices are available at Ideal Custom Boxes. The best thing about our Wholesale Boxes is their quality and the great variety that we offer. We freely allow you to add stickers, designs; stamps, etc. to your boxes and make them unique. You can add special touches to make the packaging unique and outstanding.

About Us

Ideal Custom Boxes is a high-ranking printing and packaging company that provides the best services to build good relationships with its customers. Printing is not an easy task it has a lot of procedures and techniques but Ideal Custom Boxes manages it effectively and gives its customers all sorts of customized printing and packaging products. We also provide Kraft Gable Boxes to differentiate your boxes from many other business boxes.

We are aware of the fact that printing and packaging can act as a brand marketing tools and are vital for any business. Therefore we make it a worthwhile experience that makes a striking impression. Ideal Custom Boxes offer you affordable and best-quality printing and packaging opportunities. Our experts are always here to satisfy you with their amazing work and skills. So hurry up and contact us, we will reach by as soon as possible.