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Are you searching for an excellent, reliable, dependable, and knowledgeable company to provide you with the top Custom Mailer boxes? It will help if you look no further than Ideal Custom Boxes. We’ve been in the industry for years and know how to make and ship custom mailer boxes.

Hence, you can design these boxes from top-quality materials to meet the requirements to shield your goods in transportation. Furthermore, our corrugated boxes are simple to put together; hence, you can tailor these boxes to meet the specific needs of your business.

Why are Mailer Boxes Mandatory?

The Custom Mailer Boxes are designed with style and sophistication. To draw the attention of customers, they do not protect the inventory. But ensure they remain in a straight shape during transport to retail stores. Mailer Boxes are paperboard boxes designed to be used for stock. 

So, the double-sided dividers on the sides make it ideal for storing. And delivering your goods with interlocking folds and wings. It’s easy to use. So, customized Mailer boxes are worth the buy and marketing brands.

Purpose of the Custom Mailer Boxes Product:

Hence Custom Mailer Boxes can package various items like cellphones, accessories, and more. The 3rd millennium has brought us the age of technology, which has brought the world a huge boost in online shopping. Where can I locate cheap mailer boxes wholesale? 

ICB is the place because we hold a huge part of the market for food and luxury sampling businesses. Small Mailer boxes for orders on E-commerce subscription boxes, bulk Mailer boxes. For your designer outfits and Retail distributors, Promotional kits and gift boxes. A few of the brands choose custom-designed Mailer boxes. So, these include Beauty and cosmetics.

Manufacturing Process

Although, custom Mailer boxes give safe transport for the items inside. And these boxes are the perfect solution for transportation. From one location to another without risk of harm or loss. But it’s essential to alter the Custom Mailer boxes to be eco-friendly.

Material selection

We offer 100% sustainable packaging upon the customer’s request. And hence, you can customize Mailer boxes using a variety of types of materials due to being clear about their purposes. Cardboard corrugated, rigid, and corrugated is the most suitable one. 

The cardboard is difficult enough to hold the contents inside and is also recyclable. And you can print Bulk Mailer boxes with various unique and attractive colors. And adorned with custom floral designs.


For this reason, you’d like to set your image and distribute the message that you want to be able to convey to your intended customers. Custom Mailer boxes need careful people. ICB provides skilled experts to help you develop your thoughts. So, It is possible to create trademarks for your business to inform people about the key elements that make you a part of the market.

The printing method used by ICB in the development of the product

ICB makes use of advanced offset 3D and 2D CMYK PMS printing. Using Metallic Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, and Raised Ink, Unique Custom Window Cut-Out, and custom layouts. So, the Mailer Boxes Wholesale are glossed and laminated with Matte Sparkle or bright designs: Spot UV, silver. And gold calligraphic notes give the most attractive appearance.

Incorporate creativity and innovation into the product.

You will be able to distinguish yourself from other competitors by your distinctiveness. And this can help you to find an exclusive spot in the minds of your customers. Window-cut Custom Mailer boxes are also used for packaging items. Offering an inventive packaging strategy. These Customized Mailer boxes are used for packaging Wi-Fi devices and computer products.

Debossing and embossing of mailer boxes

Debossing and embossing are fantastic ways to add sophistication and luxury to your mailboxes. They will make your mailer appear more sophisticated and elegant. And can be useful if you’re targeting a particular niche market using your product. 

Embossing can add a raised aspect to your designs. At the same time, the debossing process creates a stunning appearance. So, these effects can give a unique design to your packaging.

Shipment Policy

ICB offers 100% customer satisfaction with free designer help. Our hotline is always available for every project. We carry out individual preparations and printing. And the product is delivered within 5-6 days to your doorstep. 

We can create it for you or conduct a technical design review for no cost for the entire size that the boxes will be. So, the team of experts at ICB includes exclusive features like embossing and foiling. And custom cuts to create your Custom Boxes for Products with a distinctive design.

Order Now!

Make your buy via our e-portal using the steps presented. To convince you created by our professionals. And enjoy our eco-friendly and high-quality items. ICB is the best place to search for low-cost mailer boxes wholesale since they’re available in 3D geometrical forms, such as hexagons, pyramids, or triangles, and are an incredible resource that can be used to make your customers delighted and critical. And fresh approach quality to their branding.

Why Ideal Custom Boxes?

An experienced ICB manufacturing team that has the inventive capabilities to create the most sophisticated, eco-friendly. As well as Custom Small Mailer Boxes Wholesale. And supplying Custom Mailer boxes of different sizes, styles, and shapes. 

Although, based on the requirements of the customer, they are perfect for packaging and promoting the value of your company’s brand. Custom Mailer box is an easy click away. So, Visit us today to order a classy and exclusive premium box with zero carbon footprint and beat competitors in a single click.

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Ideal custom boxes has partnered with Onetreeplanted and making business work with our environment. Either working with Organic ingredients, reducing the use of plastic, introducing composable packaging and ensuring that all packing is recyclable. we are always Looking for ways to make this Business more sustainable and environmentally friendly

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IdealCustomBoxes® is the solution for your Custom Packaging, Custom Printed Boxes, Wholesale Custom Boxes needs, and supplies. If you have any Query Or Require Further Assistance, Feel free to Contact Our Customer Service Team.


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