Grow Your Business onto Big Stage with ICB’s Custom Sleeve Boxes

Grow Your Business onto Big Stage with ICB’s Custom Sleeve Boxes

The sleeve boxes are expertly constructed and safe packaging for items that require additional protective packaging. The boxes are made of premium quality cardboard material. The boxes are constructed of a strong base panel divided into multiple sleeves. So, the base panel can slide into the top of the box. It can be used to cover the entire base panel. It also ensures that the product on the base panel stays intact and remains in its original form. The sleeves boxes carry gifts and other fragile items like candles, wine bottles, and candle stands, as well as macarons that must be delivered via the courier or cargo service. Not only for cargo, but these boxes can also be beneficial in displaying the items more securely.

ICB Print Sleeve Boxes in Custom Design and Style:

“Custom printed sleeves” is a possible option to make these boxes look more appealing. There are various options in our complete assortment of Sleeve Boxes printing, allowing you to select the most appropriate printing method to use for packaging. The choices available for printing cardboard sleeves include gloss, gloss, aqueous coating spot UV matte, soft-touch embossing, and debossing. They also have raised ink and the more common kind of printing. So, you can also pick the colour of the printing box. You can pick colours from 1PMS to 4PMS, depending on your packaging design requirements.

Company of Quality Cardboard Sleeve Packaging Supplies:

We boast that we are the top cardboard sleeve packaging supplier you will find. Ideal Custom Boxes manufactures this cardboard sleeve packaging with highly environment-friendly, reusable, and green packaging material, which shows our concern for the product’s quality and saving the environment. One of the reasons they are more valuable for companies and brands is their double protection of products. They are available in two parts, one serving as a tray and the second as sleeves. They are the most secure packaging option, especially for expensive jewelry, ornaments, and other breakable objects. Many retailers and brands are using these boxes and are reaping greater profits from their respective items.

Buy Custom Sleeve Boxes in Various Shapes and Sizes by ICB:

The sleeve packaging comes in various sizes and shapes that will meet the requirements of the product you intend to place inside it. The custom-designed sleeve boxes permit you to pick the dimensions, design, and other options you require for your packaging. In addition, there are options for one or two or more partitions on the base panel based on the dimensions and nature of the product that is to be packaged. Another option for the base panel is placeholders. They can be used to secure the item and are ideal for fragile objects.

ICB Print Sleeve Boxes in any Customization as Per Customer Demand:

The packaging design for the sleeves is customizable. You can choose any design you want of your design that is printed onto the packaging with your custom sleeves packaging. Also, you can purchase a window cut with a die in the bottom of the sleeve so that you can make the inside of your product easily visible to customers. So, this can surely boost the sales of your product since people tend to buy items they can view at just one glance. This will also make the product look more appealing.

We Always Give 100% To Our Valuable Customer Satisfaction:

We provide our customers with a single goal of 100 percent satisfaction with our customers. When we get a message from you, our team will contact you within the shortest time. When we’re sure of the order, we ensure you receive the correct Custom Boxes to the specifications you have provided.

We Offer Free Shipping and Short-Run Packaging:

We provide the most prices in exchange for a high-quality product that is uncompromising. ICB offers discounts on holidays like Christmas, Black Friday and 4th of July, and so on. So, we will deliver your purchase to your doorstep across the globe. Free shipping begins with the smallest of 100 pieces for orders. The typical delivery time from ICB is between 10 and 12 days. So, this doesn’t include holidays. We offer speedy delivery of four to six working days for reasonable prices for urgent situations. We wish you to find the most efficient packaging solutions and would love to hear about your experiences in the future.

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