Digital vs Offset Printing: What to Choose for Packaging?

Want to innovate your packaging solution? Customizing & printing techniques are worth it. However, if you are new, choosing accurate colors and printing techniques will be tough. Many brands ask about the difference between digital vs offset printing techniques and the best packaging choice. Knowing the best practices to bring your innovative thoughts to come true is important.

However, you can select the color based on RGB vs CMYK color-generating methodologies. But don’t dive into printing if you don’t know what printing techniques you should choose. First, let’s explore the digital vs offset printing methods then you can reach your exact goals.

Digital vs Offset Printing

Two methods, digital and offset printing, are widely used for printing various materials. These methods vary in unique features and are best used for particular purposes. However, offset printing is ideal for producing high-quality print and best suits large-volume projects. It is a budget-friendly option for printing larger quantities of materials.

In addition, digital printing is perfect for the short-run project, dries quickly, and maintains the quality for more color vibrancy. However, exploring these in-depth helps you get the most creative option for wholesale custom boxes. Let’s discuss digital vs offset printing methods in detail:

What is Digital Printing?

It is a modern printing technique that involves printing digital-based images directly onto various packaging materials. However,  such a technique utilizes digital files instead of traditional printing plates, which can save time, money, and resources. It is often used for short-run printing jobs, such as business cards, flyers, and brochures.

In addition, it offers quick turnaround times and the ability to customize each print. The quality of digital printing has improved greatly over the years. However, it is a popular choice for personal and commercial printing needs.

Benefits of Digital Printing

There are various benefits of using digital printing methods. It is the most efficient, convenient, and diverse printing technique since it saves a lot of time. At the same time, the color accuracy and environmental-friendly features make it a more popular choice for the short-run job. Here are some of the important key benefits:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Environment-friendly process
  • Improved printing quality
  • Perfect for all sizes of prints
  • Variable data printing

What is offset Printing?

Unlike digital printing, offset printing involves transferring images onto the paperboard using metal plates. However, it is a standard technique used for long-run printing, such as newspapers and magazines. It is ideal for printing designs where customers demand to apply additional special finishings such as foil stamping and spot UV.

In addition, it is perfect for large volumes of projects, such as 1000+ units. Superior quality images at affordable rates for large-volume print runs make it popular among digital vs Offset printing. However, it is too costly for low-volume projects. And with extra cost, it takes much time to complete the printing.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Offset printing provides you with countless benefits to innovate the packaging boxes. However, when you have a larger volume of projects and requirements for additional print, such as stamp foiling and Spot UV, etc, such a printing technique is good to go with. Here are some of the important key benefits:

  • Consistent and high-quality Image
  • Quick and easy production of printing plates
  • Longer printing plate life than on direct litho presses
  • Budget-friendly for larger-printing projects

Which Method is Ideal for Custom Packaging?

Offset and digital printing techniques are distinct based on different unique features. Above, these both are discussed in detail. However, here let’s compare to choose the best option. Here are some important points that make it clear to choose an ideal option to fulfill your requirements.

Printing Methodologies

Digital printing lets you print directly on the packaging paper using ink. At the same time, offset printing lets you transfer images using metal plates. However, the printing method is completely different.

Cost Matters a Lot

Offset printing is budget-friendly when it comes to printing larger quantities of paper. However, it is costly when you have a smaller quantity to print. The digital printing is cost-effective and perfect for the smaller quantities.

Customization Options

Personalization and customization are great with digital printing. However, it is perfect for achieving variable data printing, but the offset is unsuitable. Offset is good when you want to apply additional finishing when printing.

Turnaround Time

The printing process with digital printing is good and faster than the offset since you don’t need a setup time for the plates for printing.

Printing Quality

Digital printing is an advanced printing technique that helps you achieve a good quality image on paper, but the offset is sharper to enhance color vibrancy for an innovative look.

Coating and Colors Depth

Among digital vs offset printing, the offset is the most suitable to provide higher color vibrancy and brightness levels for innovative display. However, it lets you achieve wholesale clean, crisp, and attractive colors on the printed boxes. It is an ideal option for wholesale e-commerce packaging.

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