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Let the true life of your tea be by putting it in Custom Tea Boxes. Tea is among the loveliest drinks to get energy. It is also among the top beverages around the world. The variety of small and large brands offering different flavors makes it a lucrative commercial opportunity. Businesses can advertise their brand using customized tea boxes.

There are different kinds of tea mixes that are available in the market, including green tea, and black tea. Therefore, the boxes are necessary to distinguish between the different flavors of tea. The boxes vary according to the flavor. The distinction between the tea containers allows consumers to choose the tea mix of their preference.

Purpose of Custom Tea Boxes

Custom-designed tea boxes extend the shelf life of your cup of tea. The specially designed boxes are secured to the tea inside, which keeps the tea from losing its original flavor. It is essential in shielding the tea from external elements that could cause damage, such as heat, moisture, and more. These boxes are essential for maintaining your greenness and keeping your name in good standing. This is the reason custom tea boxes have become an essential element. They improve the reputation of the brand and also as a tool for marketing.

Manufacturing of Custom Tea Boxes

We strive for excellence by setting high personal and corporate standards. Moreover, we are continuously striving to surpass the set standards. The materials we choose are high-quality and durable materials for creating boxes. These protect your tea from moisture, heat, and environmental pollutants, which makes it safe to use. From its size to the quality of the printing, we provide high delicate custom tea boxes. If you are looking to be competitive in the marketplace, we can offer you the finest!

Custom Tea Boxes Material

The business world is evolving and is embracing new ways of custom packaging. They are using various materials to meet their specific business requirements. We aim to decrease the amount of waste disposed of in landfills. Moreover, we want to make use of the most recyclable materials feasible.

  • Eco-friendly Kraft paper: This material is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and doesn’t rip and tear readily. It is the preferred material for the majority of brands today in the market for beverages. The tea packaging material helps keep the tea leaves fresh and safe from external elements. Moreover, they preserve the aroma, flavor, and health advantages of tea.
  • Rigid: A standard quality material that keeps your product in a safe and secure manner even for longer runs. They are easy to print and are good for printing information about the product in addition to marketing and branding.
  • Bux Board: An extremely durable material that is able to transform into any shape and design. Moreover, it is the best choice to package your goods. Bux board is environmentally friendly packaging that is customizable in a variety of well-defined ways.

Custom Tea Boxes Size

We utilize standard-quality wood fabric. Thus, it is much easy to alter their tea boxes to any size that is suitable for the requirements. Our team of experts designs sturdy and high-quality boxes of different sizes. Moreover, they ensure that your potential customers will grab your items off the shelves. Let us know about the specifications you require and we’ll be there to take care of the rest for you.

Custom Tea Boxes Printing

We are having the most recent technologies as well as standards. Yet these efficient machines would transform your ideas into a container. A variety of add-ons as well as printing choices are on offer to make your customized tea boxes stand out.

  • Offset Printer Machine: The machine aims to make high-quality boxes featuring a 3-layer technological feature that brings perfect things to your box.
  • Digital printing: Today, it’s possible to design the sides with attractive designs. Digitization is a common method of transforming visual images into printed boxes. The 3D image captures all sides of the box. You can therefore see the colors of your dreams and turn them into reality. We give a long-lasting guarantee that won’t fade out of sight.


Low prices are the mainstay of ICB and their valued clients, and they guarantee the highest quality. In addition, they are printed with various decorating options and styling concepts. They create a unique appearance from the rest and make them stand out in the marketplace. We also offer the option of laminated coatings for your product to give it an extra elegant appearance. These coatings can be textured using matte, glossy, water-based coating foil sheets and UV coating. In this way, you can protect all color prints from being damaged.

Affordable Pricing

The prices of these custom tea boxes are determined according to the size, design, and the kind of material. We ensure that we keep our prices in line with customers’ ability to pay. Thus, we offer our clients a pleasant experience. We also offer additional services like wholesale deals and free shipments to US or Canada. Prices may differ depending on the size of the order and the quality of the product and the shipment. Also, our time to deliver can differ based on the size of your order and the location of the shipment.

Order using ICB

Customer satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we strive to provide the finest tea boxes in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, order now, and begin by submitting the exact dimensions as well as the attributes. So that we can begin work immediately.

Get all of our services for a low cost by signing up with us. We can provide you with a custom plan that allows you can alter your customized tea boxes. Our shipping policies are flexible. Yet they allow you to modify the delivery date. However, the average time it takes us to deliver your order is between 5 and seven business days. This is the lowest cost for other areas and free delivery throughout the US in the US and Canada. Our 24/7 customer support is ready to help you. Call us to place your minimum order of 100 custom tea containers from ICB now.

Why Choose ICB for Tea Packaging?

We make top tea custom boxes of the highest quality that you can use for products. Beyond the superiority of the material, we also determine the best method to attract customers. Our printing standards guarantee that the boxes you purchase are using precision and reliable manufacturing methods.

Our many facilities will delight you to keep combining the top pick-ups, and then transforming into something extraordinary. Furthermore, our professionals are capable of guiding you through the entire process of packaging. They will ensure that you get the boxes you had in mind from the start.