Fascinate your customers using custom display boxes for your products

Fascinate your customers using custom display boxes for your products

There are many types of packaging boxes, and each case gets used for a different purpose. For example, apparel boxes get used for the packaging of ties, shirts, trousers, hoodies. While gift packaging boxes specifically get manufactured with firm material to protect fragile presents. We do not purchase an item that does not serve the look.

Also, we look for products that can attract us and are also charming. We assume that a product with luxurious packaging must be of high quality. And we think that a product with sub-standard packaging must have belonged to an inferior brand. But sometimes, the outer packaging does not attract customers unless we represent our product professionally.

There are packaging boxes that do not get used for the packaging of merchandise. Instead, we use such packages to increase the value of our products.  Such packaging boxes get used to showcase our product professionally. In this article, we would be discussing how to fascinate your customers using customized Display Boxes for your products.

What are Custom Display Boxes?

These are the types of packages that represent our product in a better way for our clients. The right display box can increase the value of customers and lure them into purchasing the products. Such packaging boxes also get used to showcase the newly arrived item. And to let the customers know about the merchandise that just arrived at the store.

We can get them manufactured in any shape and size. And we can also customize these packaging boxes with any colour, pattern, design, and theme. In addition, We are also providing Cosmetic Boxes with custom design options.

Types of Display Packaging Boxes:

There are many types of display boxes, and each box serves a different purpose. The size and shape of the displays depend upon the product dimension that would get showcased.

1. Countertop display boxes:

We all have seen that whenever we enter a shop, the counter has displays on it. These types of packaging cases often get used to showcase newly arrived items. They are smaller in size and get used to showcase small size products. We see such Counter Display Boxes displaying products like chapsticks, Lipsticks, tissue Paper, and Chocolates.

These packaging boxes get customized in any shape and size. You can also customize them with any colour, design, pattern, and theme.

2. Floor display boxes:

These packaging cases get placed on the floor because of their larger size. These packages get used to showcase products of larger dimensions and shapes. With the help of these displays, we can arrange the products of larger size. In this way, we can make our shop look tidy and arranged. Like counter displays, they also get customized with different designs and themes.

These packages are sturdy and can bear the weight of the products. These packaging boxes often get manufactured with corrugated sheets.

3. End Caps:

Such type of display boxes gets used in malls or superstore. We can see such displays at the end of the aisle, which gets used to display merchandise. These displays get customized in different patterns and themes. Some companies prefer to imprint the exclusive deals of the product on these packaging cases. In this way, they can attract the customer and increase their sales.

4. Power wings display boxes:

Such display boxes get fixed on the side of the counter, fixtures, and end caps. These displays should get hung at a place where the customers could see them easily.

5. Cosmetic Display Boxes:

These displays get used to display cosmetic products. It often gets manufactured with glass or high-quality plastic. In this way, the customers can get to see the product inside the box. It increases the value of cosmetic products and makes them appear appealing and costly.

How to fascinate your customers using Fascinating Display Boxes:

Display boxes get used to attract customers and to lure them into purchasing the products. And that is the reason why they get customized uniquely. If the customers are not interested in your product, how can we possibly sell our product? The shape, size, and dimension of the display packaging boxes vary. In this way, the customers get attracted to something distinct.

We can fascinate our customers by customizing our packaging boxes in the right manner. Collapsible Rigid Boxes are best for packaging and customization according to your wish.

How do get the perfect Custom Printed Boxes?

Customizing the packaging boxes is a must thing. In this way, we can make our packaging box look attractive and can impress the customers. As a display gets used to showcase our products professionally, we can not possibly use a plain box. We would need to make our case look alluring if we wish to represent our merchandise in them.

There are multiple ways to customize our packaging boxes. We can customize them with different shades, patterns, and designs. There are printing techniques that can give a smooth appearance to our packaging boxes. Give your product an elegant look and market effectively by using Custom Jewelry Boxes.

Digital printing:

Digital printing is a typical type of printing method. This method is getting used worldwide. In this method, we would need to have an electronic file. And we can impose the design onto the packaging box. We can also draw the theme or design by ourselves by using drawing software. Or we can download the file from the internet and can use it.

This method is budget-conscious. And do not take much time to imprint the design onto the package surface. Ideal Custom Boxes always the best boxes with unique designs like Hexagon Boxes.

Screen printing:

It is a method in which we use plastisol ink. The ink has low viscosity through which we get a precise and smooth design on the packaging box. In screen printing, vendors use mesh to smear the ink all around the surface. But as the ink has low viscosity, it might get tricky to control the flow of ink. To do so, we can use blocking types of equipment.

These tools help us to make the ink stay away from unwanted areas. In this way, we can imprint the precise on to the Flexible Display Boxes.


This method often gets used to model the company’s logo onto the packaging box. When we carve a specific design onto a packaging box, it attracts the customers. So, In this way, we can advertise our brand. To give a flourishing and fresh look to our display, we can fill in the carved surface with gold foil. Other than that, we can also use aluminium or silver foil. Therefore, This method is budget-conscious.


In this method, the exterior theme, logo, or any design gets puffed up. Like engraving, we can also use metalized foils to customize the puffed-out surface. This method gives a 3-D appearance to our packaging boxes and makes them appear unique. Market your business effectively and give unique look by using CBD Boxes.

Display Boxes Wholesale Supplier:

Many packaging companies can manufacture the display boxes for your choice. But the quality varies from brand to brand. Make sure that the company you choose should provide you with sturdy, customizable and flexible displays. Many packaging companies can help you get the right packaging box And, you can ask them any question that you find difficult.

Don’t be hesitant and check the product of each company through their website. In this way, you would get to know the offers that the company can offer you. Now, be smart and get the display boxes for your choice and boost your sales.

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