Tuck End Boxes

Tuck End Boxes





Want to know about Tuck End Boxes and how to order them? It is a type of box that has two sides that could be tucked. It is a paper box that is regarded as the most convenient type of boxes. Usually, the two tucked sides are closed in the same or the opposite direction. That prevents the product inside it, to remain safe, intact so that it may not fall out which further makes the product to be safe from external damage.

As mentioned before, the flaps are closed in the same or opposite direction. However, this tucking of the box varies from product to product. Some products require two-sided tuck flaps while some require only a tuck flap at one side. It is said that the box with one tuck flap, is often considered a more secure box. The reason being, the chances of a product coming out of the box accidentally reduces to one side only.

Moreover, these boxes are used by many of the product manufacturers because of its convenience and the packaging outlook that it provides. Bux Board Boxes is another product for your business.

Types of Tuck End Boxes

While there are types of boxes that are used in different product packaging. There also are types of tuck boxes. Some of these are mentioned below. Reverse Tuck End Boxes are also known as RTE is a type of tuck-end boxes that is rectangular and uses two side closure method. Just like the regular boxes, these are also made up of cardboard or kraft paper material (depending upon the quality of the product). The Reverse tuck-end boxes are typically used in the packaging of cosmetic products. E.g. perfumes etc.

Straight Tuck End Boxes (STE) is another type of tuck-end boxes. They are costlier than RTEs. This type of product carrier is more common than any other type of these boxes. Its appeal to more regular and simplistic to the people that is why they are opted by the manufacturers as their product carriers. Mostly STE is used in pharmaceutical packaging, candies packaging, cosmetic packaging, and many more. Due to their boxy shape, soap manufacturers also keep in mind its usage for packing purposes.

Valuable Benefits

Several advantages support the idea of using Tuck End Boxes for their products. Moreover, the concept of using these boxes is only brought into action after thorough market research by the manufacturer. Marketing research enables an organization to understand the viewpoint of its products that the consumers hold. This helps to modify or design a product to the consumer’s needs. However, there are some other benefits as well that are linked with its usage. These advantages are explained below.

This packaging material is one of the cheapest forms of product carriers. Companies use it so that they could reduce their cost of goods manufactured and eventually increasing their profitability. Unlike the other boxes which are difficult to open and close, these boxes work in the other way. they are very easy to open and close. They have dedicated slots on the box in which the flaps of the box goes in. These dedicated slots prevent the box from opening unusually and hence ensuring product safety.

With the shape and sizes of these boxes, they become easy to be shipped. Organizations use them so that they can stack up these boxes on one another. This helps the companies to deliver in bulk quantity very effectively. Moreover, since they are also intact, product safety is also ensured in this type of boxes. These boxes are a perfect fit for lightweight products. For example, if you run a sweets shop, then these boxes would be the best choice for you to consider as your daily driver in the packaging. They have enough space to accommodate such products.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Yes, there are disadvantages as well. Just like a coin which has got two sides, these boxes also have got some disadvantages. These are explained under One of their advantages is also their disadvantage and that is. They can only carry lightweight objects. You cannot stuff heavyweight objects in them. the reason being, they are made up of a material that is only designed to carry lightweight products. They are prone to water.

Unless these boxes are customized and stuffed in more things to make them look good. They remain prone to water from inside. However, they mostly remain water-sensitive from the outside, the reason being, external customization is a difficult task to perform. Therefore companies prefer to put on their branding on the outside.

Product Packaging at its Best

The use of these boxes is made possible in almost every segment of the market. for example, if you own a pharmacy, then you can use these boxes to put your vitamins in it. They are also used as display boxes. This means they could be placed over the counter. Which results in the promotion of the products. They also define the positioning of the product in a consumer mindset. Their easy customization enables an organization to put on their favorite colors and their brand name and brand’s logo on the top of the box.

Upon further usage, these boxes are also used in the stationary. They are designed in a way that it makes a company possible to showcase its products effectively and efficiently. Many companies all around the world offer product packaging materials. However, it should be kept in mind that if there are a hundred companies, then not all of them would provide quality services to the customers. Some of them would only be there to gain profits from the market.

These companies are not much interested in maintaining a healthy customer relationship. These companies usually spoil the image of the industry in the market. which makes it very difficult for the new entrants to get customers. Some of these companies were born after the world turned into a digital world. For example, every product manufacturing or selling company needs packaging material too. So to accommodate this market segment, many companies came into being.

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