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Telescopic Boxes

Are you Fed-up with flimsy box packaging? Want to enrich your sale but in vain? We have a one-stop solution for you as we commit to providing you. The best quality material Telescopic Boxes Packaging.

Packaging Versus Business:

Your business success depends on the advancements you put in. The sales sector has a massive capacity. To upgrade if you are suffering it slower than your competitors.

What if you Dispatch your Precious Product in an Ordinary Box with no Worth of Material?

It will ruin within a distance, and your customer may receive the parcel in a broken or spoiled display. How embarrassing! So, He might give you a bad review, and indeed he will never get back to you. So, As long we are working for your service you will never meet with such an unpleasant and awful situation.

Custom Telescopic Boxes:

We offer you a wide range of Telescopic Boxes. which are the best solution for your product’s protection and presentation. They play a significant role in heightening your sale. Moreover, Custom Printed Boxes provide very gentle packaging for your products.

The layout of Telescopic Boxes:

Our boxes have two portions: a box and its cover. This dual-part box has a rigid appearance. Which gives a safety privilege to your goods in the logistics procedure. You can also find our Telescoping Boxes in a single-piece die. Furthermore, These boxes are user-friendly, and you can adjust the height. Of the package according to your requirements. Especially, This single layered Telescoping Box can safeguard the packed item. So, it doesn’t have joints and an impossible tearing up ratio.

Manufacturing of Telescopic Boxes:

Our durable boxes are manufactured with cardboard, chipboard, or recycled raw material. The thickness of the box varies from 1.5 to 3 mm. The space inside the box has a rectangular shape. So, Which gives great potential in length and allows durable shipping. Now, it’s time to pull your sleeves and dip in the sea of shipping targets without any distress. So, We have different types of raw materials used in these Telescoping Boxes. According to your product’s weight, volume, and texture.

Corrugated 3-Layer Material:

This box contains 2 successive layers and 1 curved 2-4mm wavy cardboard layer. Which helps resist your product to break.

Corrugated 4-Layer Material:

This box contains 2 successive layers and a 1 curved 3-4mm wavy layer of cardboard. Thus, Which is recommended for things made of glass or any other fragile object.

Corrugated 5-Layer Material:

This box contains 2 successive layers and 2 curved 2-4mm wavy cardboard layers. Which is also a break-resistant form of a package.

Corrugated Lamination Material:

This box has a fine lamination layer used to enhance the beauty of the packaging and its safety.

Recycled Material:

This box contains a slim lighter curved 0.5 to 2mm wavy layer of cardboard. It is a bit lower in cost and can be easily used for break-proof objects. Like fabric and stuffed textures.


Our Cardboard Boxes are use to preserve the quality and sensitivity of many of your products. No more worries! Protect your jewelry, cosmetics, dresses, household items, food. And confectionery and presents with our specially designed non-tearing boxes. So, Our Telescopic Packages have a great value in the international Refco catalog. Thus, You can easily pack your product with the help of protected palettes fitted in the box.
We design various standard sizes and shapes in bulk quantity. But, there is a customization policy available. Thus, We care about our buyers’ requirements, so don’t hesitate to have a specific demand regarding boxes.

Enable Your Brand Marketing with Printed Cardboard Boxes:

As we say, we care about our customers, so we do! We provide a 2in1 knack now to show durable displays to your buyers and introduce your product. Those who are not familiar with your service yet. So, We manufacture the Printed boxes with the trademark’s logo on customer demand, which helps you market your brand better. To boost up your product in the market, Customized Printed boxes are the best choice.
They are mobile advertisements for your product and play a significant role in your company’s sales. There are different kinds of printing available to us.

Lamination Printing:

This kind of printing has a very clear-cut upshot on boxes. There is an embossed concave printing cover with gold or silver material gloss. Also, It shows marvelous paraphernalia of the product packaging and attracts the beneficiaries. Thus, This printing is recommended to affiliate more clients to your company.

Flexography Prints:

Our flexographic printing is done with convex dies and appeals. To glances from a distance. You can get the printed box of your choice. It is the best way to prove your product worthy among people. So, It improves the standard of your product with the help of its stunning spectacle.

Steps for Product Packaging:

Our bolstered Cardboard Boxes are easy to gather. And have handy techniques for packaging. However, the design of Telescoping Boxes is maintained with the best dimension, breadth, and height. Moreover, Following these simple steps can pack your product quickly. Crease the box in the little foldsOverlay the colossal side foldsSecure your product into the fixed openings. Cover the lid The adjustable two sections can be utilized for many items, including A6, A4, and A3 molded.

Perks of Telescoping Boxes:

Ensure Sturdiness and Protection! Telescopic Box is used to save products from breaking with protected palettes fitted inside the box. So, The box sturdiness maintains the handling and preserves your delicate items from cracks.

Different Sizes of Telescoping Boxes:

Telescopic Box comes in various extents. So, No matter how small or big is your product, you can get the box size. Though we have every box size, the package’s size depends on the customer’s demand. And the item for which it is purchased.

Product Safety:

Our Telescopic Box delivers products under their safety measures. So, Our clients have gotten rid of unworthy packaging materials. Also, Which have been damaging their products and giving loss to their sales department for a time. Thus, These Rigid Boxes guarantee your merchandise and assign the best antidote to the logistics of the company.

Easy Storage:

Telescopic Box allows you to store your product in a handy procedure. Just open the box, and keep your product under the corrugated portion. And smartly cover the top with its sturdy-fit cowl. So, Now your parcel is ready to dispatch without damage.

Good Demonstration of Your Trademark:

A book is known for its cover! Your product is preferred on how well you pack it. Adequate packaging impressively demonstrates your brand. So, People attract to display and always choose the product with its safety benefit.

Why Choose Us?

We are the manufacturer of Box Packaging and have a prominent stance in the market. We don’t only provide high-quality packaging boxes; also, our products’ rate is comparatively lower than others. Moreover, We furnish timely deliveries of packages with eye-catching and well-designed pageants. So, We promise dedicated services to our customers. And we are proud to have the great satisfaction of our clients for a long time. Thus, One who comes to us never thinks to go anywhere!


We are working to a great extent to build a reliable connection between the company. And a buyer with the help of our top-notch Telescopic Boxes. Thus, Visit us and enjoy multiple offers and send your product to your clients. Happy Deliveries here!