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Introduce your Brand with Custom Mailer Boxes

In this epoch of advancements, fulfilling your customers with the latest procedures is the prior necessity of an entrepreneur. Now win your customers with our modern box packaging. Your packaging depends on the success of your brand. Wrap a diamond in a torn cover and wrap a stone in a beautiful box, what will happen? People choose a stone and leave the gem. Why waste money on ordinary material Mailer Boxes and get a penalty for losing your clientele?

Not a good idea! Lead your brand with our Custom Boxes and float on the peak of the business.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer Boxes are designed to protect and deliver your manuscripts, statements, documents, and products. This is the safest way to send your important documents via mailer box with the confidence of security. Our Custom boxes perform dual tasks, convey an excellent presence, and promote your product in the market. We have a huge range of Boxes with distinct sizes and shapes.


A Mailer box is a paperboard packaging that has interlocking parts on the edges which provides a handy assembling of the box. It has a rectangular shape with tough twofold edges that overwhelm the hazards in the transportation of your parcel. The best thing is that you don’t need any kind of adhesive or tape to compile our box and you can use our single-piece box multiple times.


There are various types of Mailer Boxes including the most demanding Literature Mailer Box. Our Literature Boxes are white that look more decent and elegant while dealing in a business. These boxes assemble in seconds without any supplement like sticking gums or stapler and are created with corrugated white cardboard. It is the swiftest option for shipping your

  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Visiting Cards
  • Brochures
  • Stationery items
  • Booklets

The most important thing is to choose the correct box that suits your item relatively. We manufacture unique kinds of Custom Mailer Box with decent and beautiful color schemes of cardboard boxes including

  • Black Cardboard Boxes
  • White Cardboard Boxes
  • Colorful Cardboard Boxes


We are the manufacturer of the best material Customized Mailer Boxes. Custom Mailer Box is a standard format of the box which is designed under the customer’s specifications of size and dimension. It also includes a trademark logo, name, and other necessary printing. The material used for the mailer box comes from hand-picked layers of paper board. However, it depends on customer demand and product structure, size, and weight.

We have a record achievement in Customized Boxes and that’s the reason our regular clients trust most on us most. Corrugated Mailer Box is used to ship large products with thick mass; however, the Tuck Top Mailer Box is used to ship small and lightweight products. Both are sturdy and durable though distinct from each other. We have all variations in Mailer Cardboard Boxes. Read more: “Hexagon Boxes

Plain Boxes versus Printed Boxes

Cheer up your clients with the gorgeous printed boxes! Sending a plain box is a boring idea in the presence of our printed boxes. As you know Custom Mailer Boxes are distinguished and more worthy in shipping. Our outstanding Printed Boxes ensure your online industry with remarkable target sales. These boxes are available in every size and shape and have the most positive response towards virtual companies.

Either you want to impose a stunning impression on someone who reaches you for the first time or you are going through a regular subscription, our Printed Boxes will be your 1st choice.

Colorful Mailer Boxes, a Source of Advertising

Not all printed boxes are brown. We are giving you the freedom to play with colors and captivate the world with your new outstanding look. We assign the best option to use your product theme on the Printed Mailer Box we prepare so that your brand will be distinguished far from distance and you would be publicized more and more. One further way to receive a smile from your clients is to send their product in an animated colorful printed box.

While receiving the parcel that looks like a present, there would be a wow line on their face. So don’t spoil your trademark in wandering here and there, join us for such an ultramodern business.

Single-Shaded Boxes for Classy Brands

Some brands look more decent in single-shaded boxes. We customize the mono-slanted color mailer box to make their appearance additional germane. However, it depends on gender too. Men prefer decent single shades while women like something flowery and we have the solution for both demographics.

Water-Based ink is the Food Safe Choice

Digital printing has become more familiar and needs an environment-friendly appearance. When it comes to food it needs to be more vigilant in the ink they use. Let your clients send something yummy to their loved ones and convince their lovely emotions. Our expert designers prepare unique color schemes to design printed boxes with water-based ink. We provide food-safe hygiene water-based ink printing that does not affect the eatables and reaches the destination safely.

Remember! Many companies are using less-worth printing ink which is unsafe for the confectionaries. Many high-profile outbreaks have resulted due to the unsafe printing of ink. The food item packed inside may ruin and become poisonous with it. Don’t compromise on health when we are ready to provide you with safe printed box packaging.


Using Mailer Boxes in your virtual business will lift your company differently. However, some of the best aims are mentioned below. Helps to gain the reputation of your brand in the customer’s open market
Take part in dropping the delivery price
Enhances resistance to special objects
Ensures environment-friendly usage of material

What Makes Us Unique

We fill the desolate cardboard with colors of your choice and suggest what looks better to you with free of cost consultation. Our factory unit produces the best cardboard and readies it with all assembling and printing in the form of Mailer Boxes. Our Printing department utilizes the best printers in the industry and prints using apparent images and writing. We don’t charge an exact amount for these long procedures, we only cost for the devotion we have to our clients.

We complete a bulk order too in a stipulated time as we have very professional and robust staffs who are serving with full dedication.

How to Order Mailer Boxes

We are open five days a week and serve our valuable clients. Our free-of-cost virtual center is open 24/7 for your queries. Just leave an email or send a message and our representative will contact you in a short while. You may contact us at the phone number given below.


Mailer Box is used in most e-commerce stores and people are relying more on them, so decide your next shipping with our specially designed boxes and enjoy your business achievement.