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Hexagon Boxes





Custom Hexagon Boxes

Packaging boxes with six sides are getting popular day by day because of their unique appearance. Such packaging boxes are known as Hexagon Boxes. These boxes provide enough space for the packaging of our products and protect them from external pressure. These packaging boxes do not get restrained to the packaging of one or two products. Therefore, We use these packaging boxes for cosmetics, candies, food, gifts, and ornaments.

These packaging boxes are best suited for products with no defined dimensions. These packaging boxes have their unique characteristics and represent our product in a better way. Must check “Rigid Boxes” easy to order bulk orders and save your costs.

Hexagon Boxes Packaging Provide More Storage

There are many types of packaging boxes with different dimensions, shapes, and sizes. But hexagon packaging boxes have a unique appearance that attracts the audience. Furthermore, You must have seen these packagings case in a confectionary shop holding candies in them. It gets used to drawing children by its unusual shape. Moreover, we all have cosmetics getting presented in unique packaging boxes.

The reason is that we do not purchase plain-looking products. Instead, thus we acquire a product that makes us curious about them. Additionally, Ideal Custom Boxes can provide you with packaging boxes that are unique and eye-catching. Other than that, these Hexagon Boxes provide us with excessive space. In this way, we can easily place more products in our packages.

The main goal of Ideal Custom Boxes is to provide our customers with the packaging boxes of their choice and preferences. We make our packages sturdy yet unique. In this way, we help our customers to increase their sales by using such elegant and distinctive packaging boxes.

These Packaging Boxes are Sturdy

Why do we need packaging boxes? The principal purpose of using a package is to protect our products. Whenever we commence a business, we look for boxes that are unique, eye-catching, and firm. You can get such packaging boxes from Ideal Custom Boxes. We provide our customers with high-quality packaging boxes. Our packaging boxes are 100% organic.

We manufacture our Hexagon Boxes wholesale with high-quality cardboard sheets or paperboards. Other than that, we also manufacture our packaging boxes with corrugated sheets.

Difference between Cardboard and Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Cardboards get manufactured with a thick sheet of paperboard. Corrugated boxes contain three layers, which is why they are sturdy and firm. Both of these packaging boxes are resolute and protect the product in every way possible. That is the reason why our hexagon cardboard box is strong enough to bear external pressure. And these packages protect our products from contamination.

Other than that, we make sure that our packaging boxes are 100% organic. Ideal Custom Boxes do not use any non-organic material. We use eco-friendly packaging boxes along with organic fillings and organic adhesive. All of this makes our packaging boxes 100% climate-friendly. We also provide our customers with budget-conscious products. We care about our customers and provide them with different deals.

These Hexagon Shaped Boxes are Customizable

There are many ways to customize the packaging boxes. But we customize our packaging boxes the way our customers wish for. Do you have any design, pattern, or theme in mind? Well, no worries because we got you. We can customize your packaging boxes the way you want. There are many printing techniques that you can choose for your package customization. Moreover, If you wish to highlight your company’s logo, then no worries.

We can make your logo prominent through the process of engraving and embossing. There are many ways to customize our hexagon-shaped boxes. We use the latest technology that can provide you with a compact and smooth design.

Here are some of the Printing Techniques

Digital Printing

This method is well-known all around the world and is also budget-conscious. All we need is a digital file. Draw the design yourself or download it from the internet.

Screen Printing

In this method, we use a mesh to transfer the ink all over the printable surface. And we use the blocking pieces of equipment to control the flow of ink. In this way, we can get a compact design. Other than that, we use plastisol ink that has a low viscosity. In this way, the ink gets absorbed on the surface, and we get a sleek appearance in our packaging boxes.

How to Place an Order?

You can contact us by mail or can give us a call. Our talented customer service team can answer all of your questions. And help you to choose the right packaging box. So, You can fill out our form to place an order and now get the unique, firm, and alluring hexagon box at your doorstep.