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Food Serving Items

In whatever field you are accomplishing your business; you need some accessories other than the business. Food Trays are the biggest utility item. They can be used in several places including the most common are;

Hospital cafeteria
Office food lounge
Educational institutions
Recreational Spots
Malls and outlets

Our Custom Food Trays are excellent to use for serving purposes and have replaced tactless food platters. We provide food dishes both with open surfaces and with a covered lid. Whether you need to use large trays in your restaurant or wanna small ones for serving burgers and savory items, we manufacture every size and shape.

Disposable Food Trays

Our Custom Paper Food Trays bring eating more convenience to your customers. Just arrange for their food and let them free to eat it anywhere in any stance. After eating they can throw the tray in a bin, no more trouble carrying them. Our custom paper food tray put up your serving essentials and shows versatility in your professional presentation. You can choose any of your demands in size and shape and let us allow you to prepare it to your preference.

We provide both a thin paper tray and a well-made cardboard tray to accommodate your serving. Ideal Custom Boxes is providing Pizza Boxes at affordable prices.

Good for Transporting Meal

Our disposable Food Trays are also perfect for your home delivery service too. The material we use is quite durable that can preserve your food for hours and cannot mess up people’s hands while donning it. They are exclusively designed for dining in a café or can be taken away to their destination.

Good to Lug Heavier Food Stuff

Paper food tray at Ideal Custom Boxes is manufactured with high-contour material so that you can put your weighty food item with no breakage confidence. Even they can absorb the food moist but do not smash their coating.

Variety of Patterns for Food Trays

We have arrangements for various designs and shapes in the food tray. Whether you offer your customers burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, or confectionery items you can easily get the size and patterns of your item and get it customized with your brand logo, and place your contact number too. Moreover, It will make your food corner popular in those areas where you aren’t familiar yet

Affordable Rates

You can use our custom food tray everywhere you need. Whether you run a popup food drive or a stand-out food stall you can avail of our tray service with a reduction of cost as compared to other ordinary ones. Importantly, We offer big discounts on different criteria. You can gain our 1st Come discount offer if you haven’t shopped with us yet. However, our consistent clients also receive some concession policies according to the length of their requirements.

Instead of ruining your food items in ordinary Food Trays that are made with reduced material and let people mostly with nasty situations in between their travel or outside wandering you should consider our solid and durable food tray and enjoy your customers’ trust in you.