Double Wall Tray and Sleeve

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Unique Double Wall Tray and Sleeve 

Were you worried about packing your product in a unique style? Avail Double Wall Tray and Sleeve boxes in wholesale quantity. With the advent of technology and social media, several new brands have been emerging in the market. A bunch of these are producing similar products that increase a product’s competition in the market. As customers have several options to use their products, it is crucial to have good quality and unique packaging to attract customers.

These Double Wall Tray and Sleeve boxes give you a fantastic opportunity to display your products uniquely and attractively. At Ideal Custom Boxes can offer free design assistance and free shipping at your doorstep. You can order us in any quantity you want and get high-quality boxes at wholesale rates.

Sturdy and Robust Packaging Solution

This style of packaging, ideal for both packaging and displaying the products. We at Ideal Custom Boxes excel in customized cartons. With the help of recent innovations and technologies, our skilled designers put together many creative ideas and create exceptional products for our clients.

These cartons are made up of two layers of cardboard, which is further made from 2 layers of Kraft papers pressed together with a layer of test liner paper in between them. These layers are also folded into multiple layers to increase their resistance to pressure. The cardboard itself is solid, and these cartons are made from two parts of cardboard, which makes it stronger. Therefore, this style protects the product from damage through transportation and implies a positive impression on its customers.

Poor packaging puts customers off, and they switch to another brand with similar products as they are not restricted to just your brand. Therefore, to maintain your customers and expand your horizon in the market and gain recognition, it is vital to have a positive relationship with your customers to feel comfortable using your products. Good customer services will also help you increase your reach in the market.

What are Double-Wall Tray and Sleeve Boxes Used for?

These boxes are perfect for package cosmetics, food items, and retail products. Cosmetics products are delicate and expensive; hence it is important to package them in a good quality pack. Otherwise, it will damage the product, and customers will be disappointed with what they ordered. Moreover, customers are concerned about their health and the material used to package their food items, and our quality-assured packaging will help you win customers.