Custom Pastry Boxes

Custom Pastry Boxes





Display your freshly baked treats by displaying them in Custom Pastry Boxes as well as bakery boxes. With our design options, we can design an attractive, well-constructed pastry box that’s as distinctive as your company’s brand!

Explore the Most Popular Bakery Packaging

Explore endless possibilities for customization with our team. Ideal Custom Boxes can get going through the process of designing custom pastry boxes and bakery boxes for your business. We have a huge range of dessert boxes that which you can draw inspiration and ideas. If you are not sure of the design you’re seeking, rely on us. Have you found a design or details you’d like to include? We’ll be happy to help you incorporate this detail into your packaging!

  • Custom Gable Pastry Boxes
  • Retail Gable Box
  • Bakery Pastries Box
  • Gable Eco Box
  • Blue Logo pastry Boxes
  • Folding Cake Pastry Boxes
  • Matte Lamination Pastry Box with handle
  • PVC Window Pastry Box with Inserts
  • Flip Top Pastry Boxes with Windows
  • Metallic Gold Pastry Box
  • Custom Cookies Boxes
  • Kraft Pastry Boxes with Handles

Material options for Bakery Packaging

Packaging solutions are great for pastry and cake products. Following are the raw material we offer for packing your delicate pastries.

  • Folding Carton
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Inserts

Finishing & Materials for Printed Bakery Boxes

Make your bakery boxes unique with our choices and options of materials. Consider the following finishing and add-ons to make your boxes more stunning and eye-catchy.

Aqueous Coating

Clearwater-based, fast-drying, and environmentally friendly coating. Available in matte or gloss finish.

UV Coating

Fast-drying, UV-cured coatings that cure with light. Available in matte or gloss finish.

Spot Gloss UV

UV coating is applied to an identified region and is then dried using ultraviolet light.

Soft Touch Coating

Soft-to-touch coating gives a velvety appearance for a more tactile look.


Clear coating is applied with the CMYK printing technique. Available in satin, gloss, or matte.


In this, the laminated protective film sticks on the surfaces of packing materials, maximizing durability.

Anti-scratch Lamination

A laminated BOPP film is scratch and fingerprint-resistant. A cost-effective alternative

Soft Touch / Silk Lamination

Lamination with a soft touch as soft as the skin of a peach. Available in a matte or satin finish.

Delicious Custom Pastry & Cake Boxes

Design a bakery packaging that will not only store your product well but also showcases and enhances the value of your product with the artwork. Don’t settle with a boring cake bowl when you are able to design elegant designs that offer the opportunity to display your company’s image. At Ideal Custom Boxes, We encourage creativity and exploration. Whatever ideas you may have we will work with you to develop a clear and reliable bakery packaging box that meets your requirements.

Custom Box Sizes

We are aware that the pastries you buy come in many different dimensions and shapes. Don’t fret that we offer a variety of box sizes to meet your requirements. If it’s a small cake box or a massive two-tier cake box we’ve got you to take care of.

Kraft Bakery Boxes

Reduce waste by using eco-green solutions. We have a range of Kraft Boxes designs for muffins, cakes, donuts, and many more. Each is made of material that is tear-resistant to ensure your products are protected.

Attractive Window Patching

Do you want to showcase your intricate cake creations? Ideal Custom Boxes produces durable and attractive baker’s boxes with windows so that you can show off the quality of your product and the work you put into designing a stunning look.

Secure Baking Inserts

It’s very difficult to ruin the cupcake’s decorations and cake slices when they keep moving around in the box. With our cupcake box inserts as well as separators, we will be able to securely keep your baked goods in the right place.

Unrivaled Print Quality

We can print premium-quality packaging that can be used for customized cake boxes. We provide the option of offset or digital printing to print your images and graphics precisely and clearly.

Wholesale Pastry Boxes

We are able to produce huge quantities of bakery boxes for sale at reasonable costs. We guarantee that even at the speed of production we will provide you with an extremely sturdy box for packaging.

Dedicated Support from Pastry Packaging Specialists

One-on-one, tailored consultation from concept to production, with an expert product consultant to assist you in navigating from the initial design and delivery process without difficulty. Our aim is to offer our customers and ourselves the most enjoyable unboxing experience!

Consultation & Packaging Strategy

By understanding your needs and goals, our professionals assist you in formulating effective packaging strategies.

Structural Engineering & Design

Our structural engineers convert complex concepts into practical and efficient real-world packaging solutions.

Artwork & Visual Design

Designing your packaging can make the product pop to the crowd. Discover exciting designs with our experienced packaging designers.

3D Mock-up & Prototyping

Test your concept test your design in 3D or create physical models to feel and feel. Make sure you are satisfied with the packaging prior to placing an order.

Manufacturing Excellence

The global capabilities of our packaging permit us to manufacture to the top industry standard. Moreover, it results in lower costs and higher quality.

Hassle-Free Logistics

Delivery to your home, office, or directly into your fulfillment center? It’s no problem. Relax and let us handle your delivery.

Why Choose Ideal Custom Boxes for Custom Pastry Boxes?

Over 5000+ businesses have chosen Ideal Custom Boxes as their first choice for packaging and custom services. If you’re looking for a manufacturer of custom-designed packaging or professional design service, we can help you solve your problems. We are providing top packaging solutions with attractive designs and artistic printing.

Ideal Custom Boxes Is the Tale of Trust

ICB has assisted thousands of businesses around the world to achieve excellent packaging with our custom-designed packaging solution. We strive to assist our customers to surpass and surpass expectations to will make their customers smile!