Custom Lipstick Boxes

Custom Lipstick Boxes





The recent changes in fashion have not just affected the cosmetics themselves, but also how they are packaged and displayed. One of the biggest changes is prominent in lipsticks, among other cosmetics. There is no longer a time when customers bought something just because it was cool.

They are now more aware of the products they apply to their lips. The custom packaging of lipsticks is also changing quite a bit.

They inform buyers and assist them to keep themselves well-informed. In addition, the material of these custom-printed lipstick boxes is also a significant issue. As the apprehension about environmental issues increases, people prefer to buy those consumer items which employ environment-friendly, degradable materials. They are more likely to steer clear of ones that are made from non-recyclable, synthetic materials.

Get Custom Box Design to Match Your Lipstick Manufacturer’s Character

If you’re looking to give your customized lipstick boxes a distinctive design, then you could suggest a personal style. Thus, choose a design that shows your unique style and also the unique nature of your company. They’re always ready to bring your design to the world. In addition to being distinctive, your design is practical enough to fulfill all needs of a great box.  We do not charge extra to provide boxes. Moreover, this assists our customers in increasing their profit margins in the highly crowded marketplace of today.

We Ensure the Highest Color Precision

We know how vital it is to ensure the best quality of shades. This is why we pay particular attention to the finer details. Hence, we are the ones to trust for displaying the most accurate colors. Wholesale lipstick boxes for you are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Thus, get your lipstick boxes today!

Make a Conscientious Purchase and Get Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are proud to provide our customers with the best sustainable products. Utilizing biodegradable materials like cardboard, Kraft Paper, etc. will help you grow a bigger and more loyal client base.

Lipsticks in a variety of beautiful shades are top-selling items in the beauty industry. Ideal Custom Boxes, known as a reputable name in the manufacturing of boxes sector creates the perfect lipstick boxes. The packaging we design is with a hue that reflects that shade you wear. Our customized lipstick boxes are available in all sizes and come with an endless array of decorative and artistic features. Thus, contact us for help to create the perfect lipstick box today.

Lipstick Boxes Wholesale

Every face is beautiful, and we all are aware of our appearance and character. To this end, cosmetic brands supply us with numerous products that come with various features and features. The primary objective of these products is to improve the beauty of our skin and to maintain our skin. In the list of these beneficial products, lipsticks are a popular cosmetic product. No matter if you’re a teenage woman or girl who is always carrying the lipstick in their bags every day. It is, therefore, crucial to put this product in appropriate strong packaging. For this reason, the boxes we offer are a great match for your costly lipsticks. We will go into detail about all of these.


These boxes have been equipped with an original image, design, dimension, and design. In addition, it will give your lipsticks a boost over competitors in the brand. With top-quality materials and materials that are an element of the best quality printing for custom items.

Ideal In Attention-Grabbing

The customized containers for lipstick are designed to amaze your customers. Moreover, these boxes can be printed with silver or gold foiling for an exquisite appearance. In this way, their eye-catching designs inspire more people to join your customer base every day. Therefore, it is advised to select a dark color blend with the shade of your lipstick. Since dark colors are often used by major lipstick makers to portray their products as top quality.

What You Should Know Before Designing Boxes?

Before you can begin to personalize your containers, there are some elements you should make crystal clear:

Understand The Target Client

It is essential to know which customers you want to target. Women like premium custom lipstick boxes in dark color designs. Because these containers indicate the highest quality of the product inside. In contrast, teenagers are usually drawn to bright and colorful boxes. The interests of your market are important to understand. Moreover, it will force you to think from the same level as your customers.

Define Your Premium Custom Lipstick Boxes Identity

Your brand identity is equally crucial in identifying your potential customers. What’s the color palette you use for your advertisements? Are you looking to package your lipsticks in dark and stylish templates? Do you want to opt for classic styling? Are you searching for a luxurious theme? How are you planning to display your lipsticks? We will help you learn different styles of customized containers for your lipstick packaging.

Use Creative Ideas

Before you begin making a design for your boxes, you have a fun design and template for your business. We have endless options to make your boxes appear different from those of your competitors. Combine images, color advertising, and everything else you wish to make your business a unique image. Customized add-ons will make your customers feel more confident and make them want to spend their money purchasing your products.

Let Attractive Packaging Trends Fascinate You

If you’re looking to take part in the competition among the large brands to increase their client base. There isn’t a better method other than picking stylish packaging boxes that can draw the attention of your potential customers. In this respect, the first thing you need to do is search for those styles that are current and popular. What design techniques do they use today to attract customers. How they can increase their sales through stylishly displaying their customized template boxes.

Here are some of the latest trends in confusing containers we see everywhere nowadays:

Select The Finest Stuff & Printing Solutions

There are a variety of options available from Ideal Custom Boxes to spice up your confusing lipstick packaging. However, keep in mind that the more complicated your box is, the more expensive it will cost you. Certain improvements are necessary depending on your lipsticks and your budget. You can choose between Digital or Offset Printing depending on your requirements and budget. Additionally, you can decide on the best materials for the containers. We have three kinds of materials, which include cardboard, cardstock, and Eco Kraft. Each of them has its specifications and characteristics.

Emboss Lipstick Kiss Mark On Your Packaging Board

This technique is trendy in the present. You can put the kiss mark onto your packaging boxes. It is possible to stamp multiple marks on a white box, in various colors at once. This is a brand new feature that many of the top brands use these days. Additionally, you can emboss your company’s name and logo more appealingly on the packaging boards.

Use Remarkable & Attractive Letterings

The distinctive font style presents all over the place naturally extends to container designs as well. Unique fonts can give an element of personality to your custom-designed lipstick boxes.

Best Colors To Customize Lipstick Boxes

The majority of big brands, like Charlotte Tilbury use brown color boxes. Because this color is always trendy, whether it’s winter or summer. Another reason for reason this brand uses brown boxes is that they sell lipsticks in shades of brown. This is why their color of choice is brown.  The majority of people prefer light shades and shades of grey in the packaging of lipsticks in winter. However, darker colors are usually useful in winter.

Order Placement Procedure At Ideal Custom Boxes

Here at Ideal Custom Boxes, our goal is to make ordering as easy as we can. All you have to do is follow through with a few easy steps to get your ideal lipstick boxes. Below, we’ll guide you through how to place an order with Ideal Custom Boxes.

Submit Your Dream Box Design

The first step is to present your unique design. If you don’t have a design or template, should contact our designers. They’d be happy to help you by sharing their experience in packaging design for many years.

Select Your Packaging Dimensions

Dimensions of the packaging must be exact to allow your lipstick to pack tightly in the custom-designed boxes. To do this we require the shape of your lipstick and its dimensions. To create the ideal dimensions of boxes for packaging to suit your company.

Evaluate & Approve Your 3D Design

After receiving all the information from our customers, we then forward the file to our design department. Then, you can alter the design of your choice by working with our designers. They will give you the final 3D design of your packaging box. After the demonstration, we will mail you a bill for the number of boxes that you would like to make. Once you have given us your approval then we will forward this design to our manufacturing division for packaging.

Receive The Boxes At Your Doorstep In 4 Days

We operate in three shifts to handle the load. Thus, get your boxes at the right time to your doorstep. After our engineers have created the boxes, we test their durability, quality of printing, and size by various tests. We then deliver our top-quality custom lipstick boxes Wholesale to your address.

If you are in the United States, we have an excellent bargain for those of you from Canada or the United States. You can get these boxes free of delivery charges. In most cases, you must wait 6-8 days before receiving your order. However, if you subscribe to our fast delivery service, you’ll get them within 3-4 days. Connect with us for further details.