Can I Place an Order During This Pandemic?

Of course. You can place an order anytime. However, there is a possibility that some of our products might not be in stock.

Hence, kindly make sure to go through our website before ordering a specific product.

Will My Order Get Delayed Because of COVID-19?

No. Ideal Custom Boxes makes sure to maintain their quick-paced delivery services at all times. Your order would safely reach you within 12-14 business days.
However, because of Covid-19’s awful situation, there can be a delay of a day or two, if something like this happens, we will let you know.
Make sure you are in touch with the company to track your order’s details and whereabouts.
Will Ideal Custom Boxes Be Charging Extra Delivery Charges?

We haven’t skyrocketed our delivery charges but we can charge a little extra because of Covid-19.

Since all the businesses received massive economic blows, we are trying to compensate for our losses. We will be updating you every step of the way, so there is nothing to worry.

We will be cooperating, and we expect the same from all our customers.

Is Your Company Following The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)?

Here at Ideal Custom Boxes, we follow the proper SOPs and ensure that all the health measures designed by the World Health Organization are adhered to.
Other than that, our products are being cleaned and disinfected daily. Our team makes sure that their uniforms get disinfected, their hands stay clean, and prioritise basic hygiene before touching any packaging.
It is safe to say that we have adjusted to the new normal.

How Is Your Company Dealing With The COVID-19 Situation?

Indeed, this is a time where the world is in chaos and is facing pressing issues. Therefore, we are doing everything in our power to make sure that your safety isn’t compromised.
The use of surgical gloves, masks, sanitisers is at its peak. We are pretty vigilant in our processes and monitor every minor detail.
Our customers’ well-being is our top priority, and Ideal Custom Boxes knows well how to cater to them even during a situation like Covid-19.

Is It Safe To Order Custom Boxes From an Area Infected With Corona-Virus?

Countless international organisations, including WHO (World Health Organization), have claimed that the probability of Covid-19 in card-boxes and custom boxes is very low.
Thus, if your order is being taken care of in a Covid-19 infected area, it is likely that the packaging would be safe and free of Covid-19 germs.
However, it is still advisable to disinfect the packaging when it reaches you to be extra careful.

Can I Cancel My Order Due To The Spread of Novel Corona Virus?

Yes, you can. Ideal Custom Boxes is taking all the proper measures to ensure your safety, but if you wish to cancel your order, you may contact the company.
The company shall update you with its policy for cancelling an order. Nevertheless, when an order reaches a company, there is a specific time limit where you can ask your order to be cancelled.
If that limit exceeds, it means that your order has already reached the company’s production centre. Henceforth, it isn’t possible to have your order cancelled then.

Will Ideal Custom Boxes Be Operating Regularly Like Always?

Ideal Custom Boxes has been trying to remain active on all its socials to keep our customers informed whenever we announce any new or re-stock products.
We also have been acknowledging all those who wish to inquire about a desired item or product. Despite all, if you aren’t given a proper response or don’t receive an answer, please understand our situation.
We promise to do our job cautiously and do well as a company. Customers are free to give in their suggestions and help us run better.
Ideal Custom Boxes wishes health and safety to all its customers and a speedy recovery to those infected.

Happy Ideal Custom Box Shopping to All!