Candle Box

Attractive container for candles





The Candle Box is a type of packaging which is primarily used to pack candles. It helps to make sure that the candles are not damaged and dirty. These candles are soft and are made of sensitive wax material. So our Ideal Custom Boxes give the right temperature boxes to hold their candle shape. Otherwise, it will melt. You can’t win the game with just plain packaging.

These packaging boxes can provide the ultimate solution for all your packaging needs. The best way to display your candles in stores is the personalized boxes. These Ideal Custom Boxes can be made not only attractive but also provide security for customers.

Our Candle Packaging Decides Protection and Best Sales

To be honest, you put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the product. But now they need to reach their customers safely step by step. We don’t want to see all your efforts disappear. Ideal Custom Boxes as a candle boxes maker and trying to create lasting impressions and sales also take care of some less interesting things. Transportation, handling, and storage can quickly become a nightmare.

Finally, what you want to prevent is damage to the candle in transit or on the shelf. We provide profitable candle packaging wholesale that prevents the candle from deforming, breaking, chipping, or melting.  Sometimes candles are not removed from the shelves even without discounts. High temperature and sunlight can cause the smell and color to soften, melt, or fade faster. We provide you with the full facility to overcome this issue.

These options are an efficient and feasible marketing tool. We have the goal to sell products and brands, so we use these options for this purpose. But that’s not all, we pack newly manufactured products into these boxes for effective promotion. When the product is new, the customer knows nothing about it. Unless you recommend it to them through beautifully designed packaging, your product makes no sale.

After all, we make sure of the exact appearance and printing of the products being packed. And it is essential to fulfilling the needs of the brand and product.

These Boxes Improve Brand Image and Recognition

We design the perfect boxes to improve your brand image. This is one of the key and most effective techniques for brand recognition. Ideally, we place the brand name and logo on the boxes in the most strategic way. This is the ideal way customers will know about our product. To get a perfect appeal, it is best to be interested in the packaging options. We help in adding interesting and attractive colors to boxes and images.

But at the same time, don’t forget to mention everything about your product on the packaging. This information is a key factor that helps customers to decide whether to purchase a product.

Use of these Boxes both for Lightening as well as Display

You can use these boxes for candle shop displays. These boxes are designed in the same way that the candles contained in them are displayed to customers. This means that the box is transparent or that one of the box’s sides is open to view the candle. The transparency of these boxes makes the box an exhibition of elegant art. There are so many candle display stand designs on the internet.

However, if you want to design your products in the display box, you can ask us to customize the box.

Candle Box Packaging with Window Cutout

In any product, exposure’s significant in making the product appeal to customers. Ideal Custom Boxes provide two-piece storage boxes, dressers, and book boxes with magnetic opening and closing, which are very useful as Display Boxes. Also, cutting a window at the top of the wholesale Candle Box can further increase its value. These window boxes have aroused the attraction of the product among customers in a more efficient way.

The retailer doesn’t have to open the whole package, but the window will do it all by itself.

Candle Boxes Wholesale with Proper Lamination

We have a variety of packaging options for the wholesale of these boxes. Through these packaging boxes, we modify our products to attract the attention of our customers. There is a constant need to create some innovation in the shape and design to attract customers. However, there is another crucial issue that should not be taken for granted.

This feature is vital for the Candle Box wholesale business.

Like many products, these special candle boxes are also essential for unique packaging boxes. This feature is the lamination of these boxes. This is the process of applying a thin layer of plastic sheet to the product being packed inside. With these laminate coatings, custom box printing can achieve a soft, smooth, and polished surface.

This protects against atmospheric changes and damage. As suppliers of these boxes, we offer various options, such as matte, gloss, UV stain, water-based, etc. All of these types of seals give these custom candle holders a luxurious look. These are the ultimate source of enhanced sales.

Designing Beautiful Graphic Themes on the Boxes

Ideal Custom Boxes also use various prints and graphics to make the candlestick more attractive. Also, we provide the option to write any favorite color print design. Therefore, you can use custom candle boxes with various textures and designs. However, we also use embossing and bump techniques for your boxes to be purchased.

Also, you add different technologies according to your specific graphics, such as UV dots, foil, and stickers, to make the packaging shocking and eye-catching. Plus, we outline our creative design to make your candlestick grab the attention of consumers. However, we also provide the offer to draw anything on the box; for example, you can emboss a logo, any good information, candle wax details, etc.

We choose the Perfect Color and Coating Model for your Candle Box

Ideal Custom Boxes chooses beautiful colors to make our box more attractive. However, product color selection will attract customers more effectively. We supply the following color models:

CMYK Color Choice:

CMYK models include cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. Therefore, by mixing these colors, we customize the candle box’s desired color without affecting the quality of the pixels. You can also choose the color of the box or text according to the color of the candle.

Pantone Model:

Pantone colors are the standard specific color codes that are specific for specific shades. There are about 1000 colors included in this group. Compared to other types, the color selection of the Pantone matching system is huge and expensive. When you try to choose this color model, specify from out of these extensive color options.

Furthermore, along with giving excellent colors to the boxes, you can also personalize them in ways you cannot imagine.  What is personalization? You can modify and personalize your custom packaging boxes in obvious ways to help maintain the highest sales and trade value in the packaging market. Therefore, these customizations are offered to meet our customers’ needs and convince them to buy these boxes.

Coating and printing techniques are used to improve the visual appearance and market value of the package.

Glossy Coating:

First of all, the glossy coatings we are providing are sheen and luster, which makes the box glow in the light. Of course, it is one of the most attractive ways to attract customers even from the farthest distance. If you are going to make it simple and elegant, this is the right choice for you.

Matte Coating:

Secondly, the matte coating is another alternative coating whose purpose is to increase the product’s dullness and market value. It covers the whole box in a dull, charming yet eye-catching way.

Use of Attractive and Decorated Candle Cardboard Boxes

Nowadays, the use of candles at parties is very common. In this case, we create a perfect atmosphere. Whether it’s a wedding party or bridal baptism, any religious event, or a birthday party, candles can resonate with people. In all cases, it is possible to use a candle. Our cardboard-made candle boxes are available in different styles as per our customers’ requirements and needs.

These are designed while keeping in mind the occasion so that the attendees fall in love with the boxes at first sight.

How you can put your Order into Ideal Custom Boxes

We have a live chat facility for our worthy customers. Otherwise, you have the option to fill out the form in which you can fully describe the specifications of your requirement. Our technical team is at an instant approach to deal with you. You are always welcome if you need any help to customize your demand. We are known for our non-compromised material quality and everlasting printing colors.

We are confident to impart a long-lasting impression by offering our personalized candle packaging.